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Maryland's Rural Legacy

Maryland Environmental Trust   •  www.dnr.state.us/met/
MET's Land Conservation Center is a central point of information on the web about private land protection in the state. This online Center is meant to guide users through the abundance of programs, activities, and resources at the state, local government and private land trust level to help individual landowners save their lands for future generations.

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)  •  www.fsa.usda.cov/dafp/cepd/crep.htm

Changing Land Report
The Changing Land Report is available from Maryland Department of Planning at the cost of $5. You can call MDP at 1-877-767-6272 to request a report.
Smart Growth
Information on Smart Growth in Maryland and the program's efforts to preserve thousands of acres of Maryland's farm lands and natural resource areas is available at the Maryland Governor's Office of Smart Growth's site.
Department of Natural Resources  •  www.dnr.state.md.us/
The Rural Legacy Program provides the focus and funding necessary to protect large, contiguous tracts of land and other strategic areas from sprawl development and to enhance natural resources, agricultural, forestry and environmental protection through cooperative efforts among state and local governments and land trusts. Learn more about Maryland's award-winning Rural Legacy Program.